Hahei – Your Insider New Zealand Holiday and Travel Guide Including Tips For Visitors

If you looking for a place to get away from it all, then look no further than Hahei, situated in Mercury bay on the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula. Just sit on the beach and you’ll soon see why the locals consider Hahei one of the most beautiful beaches in Coromandel; a region renown for its stunning beaches.Hahei is a veritable beach paradise of pink sand and pristine clear blue sea framed by cliffs and maori pa sites either end of the beach and a necklace of islands. Combined with its vibrant community life and unspoiled natural habitat, Hahei is the perfect place to recharge those batteries and take a break from big city life.The first place to start is on the water if you want to see the best Hahei has to offer. Sheltered from rough seas by outlying islands, Hahei is a safe family swimming beach. If you enjoy open water swimming, keep an eye out for the local swimming groups who regularly meet on the beach. They welcome all swimmers, local and visitors and if you’re lucky, you might find yourself swimming with dolphins who visit the area from time to time.The neighbouring marine reserve is a magical aquatic world, abundant with fish and other sea life and ideal for snorkeling, kayaking or if you want to stay dry, taking a cruise on a glass bottom boat. There are several local operators who can help you with gear and equipment or take you on diving trips or boating and kayaking tours.The marine reserve is also home to the famous Cathedral Cove, one of the most photographed locations on the Coromandel Peninsula. Accessible only by foot or water, this magnificent cathedral shaped cavern and its spectacular environs are a “must visit” site.With so much beautiful coastline, boating is also a favourite pastime. You can launch your boat off Hahei beach or from the boat ramp at Cooks Beach just 10 minutes away.Nearby Hot Water Beach is one of those unique experiences every visitor to the Coromandel must do. An underground river of hot water surfaces at Hot Water beach and one hour either side of low tide, visitors flock to the beach to dig their own spa pool in the sand. For easy digging, bring a shovel or you can hire one from the General store. Hot Water Beach also offers some serious surf action for boogie boarders and surfers alike.If all this water activity has made you hungry, then start with a great coffee and delicious homemade food from Hot Waves Cafe at Hot Water Beach. While you’re there, check out Moko Artspace next door. Filled with contemporary NZ and Pacific art, this gallery features jewellery, designware, wall art and sculpture.Or you can head back to Hahei and visit the popular Luna Cafe. Considered the best coffee in Hahei by the locals, Luna is renown for its friendly service and relaxed atmosphere.Hahei has its own micro-climate; excellent for growing fruit and vegetables, much of which ends up in local restaurant kitchens. The Grange is a cafe by day and brasserie by night specialising in local seafood and good hearty meals and for the kids, both big and little, fish and chips and pizza. A great way to finish off a day on the beach!If fine dining is more your style, then enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Church. Set in a refurbished old church, this establishment exudes character with high vaulted ceilings, arched windows and beautiful polished timber, surrounded by lush native garden.After eating, stretch your legs and head to the Te Pare point historic reserve at the southern end of Hahei Beach, the site of a pa occupied by the Ngati Hei people. Or just relax on the beach and enjoy the stunning scenery as the sun sets on Hahei.

Why Should Businesses Use Market Research?

Market research is a systematic way to gather, evaluate and present it in a form that explains various facts and figures to the business. Collected information acts as a vital tool to have increments in business activities, qualitative work done and improved profits. Any company, whether small scale or large scale, can perform market research before marketing its products or services. It can also be useful when launching a new product or diversifying the business. It is useful as well when a company has to expand its business globally. It avails numerous benefits to the businesses. Major benefits are as follows.1. Market research provides accurate information about market trends, industrial changes, consumer behavior etc. It helps to know different market opportunities present worldwide.2. Research reports reveal uncertainties that may arise due to changes in business activities or introduction of a new product in the market. It guides companies to take decisive actions to cope with threats in niche market.3. Internet facilitates to get free or low cost market reports online for small and medium sized business. Affordable price for doing online research work acts as benefit to all businesses.4. Organizations can get to know about marketing strategies of rivals so that they can be prepared with innovative ideas and impressive sales targets. This way they can get competitive advantage over its competitors.5. By knowing consumer preferences, companies can develop their products and services and take hold of huge competitive area. Moreover, companies can develop international marketing strategies to promote products worldwide.6. Latest market research reports help companies to have in depth analysis of industry and future trends. Companies can have global perspective for their international business by studying market statistics.7. Industry analysis helps to formulate growth strategies to increase sales and build brand image in market.Though there numerous advantages, there also exist some problems.1. The research work on large basis requires funds to be invested by companies. Small scale companies may not be in condition to assign large budgets just for research purpose.2. Research reports prepared by organizations may lack somewhere due to inexperience in data collection, market analysis or absence of market intelligence to do research work.3. There are various methods used for research which are appropriate for some searches and are not so for others. Inaccurate methodology will result in wastage of time, money and efforts.4. Sometimes while taking interviews, consumers may not respond truly. Primary data collection will not be effective or precise if there is no real insight into exact market condition.Besides having problems, market research serves an important purpose of business. Smart entrepreneurs use it in profitable ways and try to reduce its deficiency.

Arizona Real Estate Law – What is Qualifying Property Under Arizona’s Anti-Deficiency Laws?

Many people are aware that Arizona has anti-deficiency laws protecting homeowners from liability to their lender after a foreclosure. That protection, however, only applies to certain properties that qualify under the governing statutes. In Arizona, the anti-deficiency protections for residential borrowers is set forth in Arizona Revised Statute Sections 33-729(A) and 33-814(G).In general, these statutes provide that lenders who foreclose on residential properties are precluded from seeking a judgment for any deficiency owed as long as certain conditions apply. One of the important considerations is whether the mortgage was a purchase money mortgage, meaning the funds were used to actually purchase the house secured by the deed of trust. A.R.S. Section 33-729(A). A.R.S. Section 33-814(G) applies even if the funds were not purchase money, as long as the lender foreclosed on the deed of trust.Regardless of which of the two Arizona anti-deficiency statutes is applicable, the property securing the deed of trust must qualify for protection under the statutory scheme. The qualifications are the same under both statutes. First, the property must comprise of two and one-half acres or less, meaning that a lender will be allowed to pursue a deficiency in all cases where the property securing the loan is larger than two and one-half acres.Secondly, the property must be utilized for either a single one-family or single two-family dwelling. Unlike the property size requirement, which isn’t open for much interpretation, the property utilization requirement does not always lend itself to easy interpretation. The Arizona Supreme Court has interpreted the statutes to require that the property have a completed dwelling that is at least occasionally occupied to qualify. It has also been determined that the property will qualify whether occupied by the owners or if rented to someone else.Because the rules regarding anti-deficiency protection are complex, and because the potential liability to a lender after foreclosure can be significant, it is wise to consult with an experienced Arizona property lawyer regarding the specific facts of your situation.